Mercedes EQS EV Sedan Shown off in a Teaser

  • Auto-maker Mercedes has teased the arrival of its upcoming all-electric Sedan, the EQS, during an ‘executive update’ live stream.
  • The EQS will reportedly be produced in Sindelfingen subsequently after the S Class goes into production in late 2020.
  • The EQS will be the company’s first all-electric vehicle and is expected to carry a 100 kWh battery with fast charging capabilities enabled.

Mercedes has just posted a teaser of its highly anticipated luxury EV, the EQS. The image posted by the German automaker shows the car completely wrapped in camouflage, so there’s not much we can decipher from it at the moment. In addition to sharing the image of the upcoming EV, the company also mentioned that this car will use partially carbon-neutral battery cells as the company plans to make its entire supply chain carbon neutral by 2039. It is believed that Mercedes is already on track to having carbon neutral factories worldwide by 2022.

The teaser took pretty much everyone by surprise as the company also announced the new S Class model, which will be produced alongside the EQS EV at the company’s Factory 56 in Sindelfingen, Germany. This facility will reportedly start operating in September while the S Class will go into production by the end of 2020.

Unfortunately, Mercedes hasn’t shared details on when the EQS will go into production. The company has only mentioned that the EQS will “eventually be produced there”, thus confirming that the EQS and the S Class will be produced at the same plant.

Mercedes SQS Teaser

As for the teaser image, we can pinpoint the protruding tail-lights and a slight bump over the trunk to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle. Initial reports have mentioned that the EQS will use a 475 horsepower engine with 624 lb-ft of torque. Additionally, this EV sedan can reportedly touch 0-60 mph in just 4.5 seconds.

In terms of battery performance, it is said that Mercedes will use a mammoth 100 kWh battery pack underneath which will have fast charging capabilities enabled, potentially charging up the vehicle from 0 to 80% in 20 minutes. This vehicle is expected to be an evolution of the S Class, so one can expect to find similarities with the interiors as well.

Via: Car and Driver