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Kraken delists Bitcoin SV


US-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken will delist Bitcoin SV on May 1, confirmed the company on Tuesday.

“Over the last few months, the team behind Bitcoin SV have engaged in behaviour completely antithetical to everything we at Kraken and the wider crypto community stands for,” said the company in its statement.

“It started with fraudulent claims, escalating to threats and legal action, with the BSV team suing a number of people speaking out against them. The threats made last week to individual members of the community were the last straw,” the crypto exchange said, explaining its decision to delist Bitcoin SV from its platform.

Kraken also confirmed that exchange will cease trading on all Bitcoin SV trading pairs starting from May 1st, and will allow to withdraw infamous cryptocurrency until May 15th.

In a recent poll on Twitter, cryptocurrency exchange asked followers to vote on whether Kraken should delist Bitcoin SV or keep it. The overwhelming majority, 71%, of more than 70,000 voters, voted to delist.

“Alongside other upstanding members of the community, and in consultation with more than 70,000 Kraken users, we have decided to delist Bitcoin SV,” the company said.

Bitcoin SV delisting row was ignited by Craig Wright’s false claims that he is the Satoshi Nakamoto.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet