Juicebox Review: Best Smart EV Charger

The Enel X JuiceBox 40 is one of the smartest electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSEs) in the market. The JuiceBox 40 is a sleek and smooth product that has all the smart designs like you would normally expect in one of the top-rated EV chargers for your Tesla and other Electric Vehicles. One thing about this charging station is the fact that it is being manufactured by Enel – which is a respected name in the world of EVSEs.

JuiceBoxJuiceBox 40 Next Generation Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station with WiFi -Check Price on Amazon

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With so many EVSEs in the market, it becomes very difficult to choose one that will come with optimum features to give you a nice experience. This review looks to explain some of the nicest functions of this level 2 EVSE device.

As a smart EV charger, this charging station comes with excellent features like a smartphone app and Wi Fi connectivity. The Wi Fi feature is an important component of this charging station because, it can be used to schedule charging at different times. With your Wi Fi feature, you are also able to monitor the process of charging. The Juicebox is an EV charging station that is highly recommended for owners of the Tesla, the Nissan leaf, the Hyundai Kona, as well as every other electric vehicle out there.

One other thing about this home charger is the fact that people who are owners of Tesla EVs (regardless of the model) are expected a wall adapter for their EVs, but it is highly recommended to get the Juicebox since it is such an economical option. The smart EV car charger is one of the best ways that you can easily save energy costs through minimal energy consumption. Throughout this Juicebox 40 charging station review, we will make technical comparisons with the ChargePoint level 2 EVSEs, since they both come with similar functions. This is an excellent review on this device.

Juicebox EV Charger Review

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Setting up your plug options – Hardwired vs Nema 14-50

The Juicebox just like the ChargePoint Home Flex comes with the NEMA 14 50 EV plug which is used to ensure a smooth EV charging operation. Since the Juicebox pro comes with two different variants of connection – the hardwired option and the NEMA 14 50 – this means that users will be expected to choose an option. If you choose the hardwired units, you will be expected to get a licensed electrician to help do the installation.

This involves installing the breaker box plus the mounting point. Technically, the plug units are usually recommended. If you own this plug variant, you could easily sap out your home EV chargers if it goes bad or when upgrading or moving out of your home. The thing about the NEMA 14 50 plug is the fact that the 50 means 50 amps breaker.

The United States code requires that only 40A lines be installed here. On the other hand, this means that the ChargePoint Home Flex unit cannot be used for close to 50 amps. For many level 2 chargers, the 40 amps will do just fine. With a current of 40 amps and a voltage supply of 240V, you will get a power supply of 9.6KW. With this logic, you could easily power up a totally empty 100kWh Tesla in just 10 hours.

If you were charging in your place of work, you can easily add in about 80kWh during a workday of just 8 hours. The NEMA 14 50 plugs are the very same used by electricians and many laundry dryers. Therefore, it shouldn’t be costly to install one. The installation time typically depends on the distance of the line from your breaker box. Naturally, a charging area which is about a few feet from the breakers can be installed in about 45 minutes. However, a waterproof enclosure should be used when installing the breaker box unit outdoors.

The installation process of the JuiceBox

The setting up process for the JuiceBox is very similar to that of the ChargePoint. Both processesare pretty easier than most options in the market. Both Level 2 EV chargers come with a bracket that gets screwed into the wall, which you can connect with your charger. However, the Enel X comes with a pretty much simpler process among both chargers.

When setting up your JuiceBox you may never run into any problems. The setting up of the JuiceBox is pretty easy and clean however, the charging capacity usually goes down from 40A to the 30A when using the Tesla Model X. With the Tesla Model 3, this is not a problem, however, the Model x seems to have this problem.

This level 2 WiFi enabled device comes with a newer version that comes with some of the easiest and straightforward installations and setting up processes for an EVSE. This electric car power unit has been remodified to support simple and effortless installation. This means that you will usually encounter a little amount of difficulty when setting it up for use. The customer service of the manufacturer also does a good job ensuring that people get to install this electric car EVSE with minimal trouble.

You get an awesome customer support when trying to set up this device, meaning that you will not get into much difficulty during installation.

The appearance and design

Another area where the Juicebox excels as a smart charger is in its design. The charger has been ergonomically designed with a sleek appearance to enable functionality and aesthetics. From the wall-mounting unit, down to the cable, and to the holster, it looks like Enel really invested in the appearance of the product more than any other features. From the outer casing that has been ergonomically designed to enable a simple installation process. Then there is also the holster that is used to hold the charge handle. There is a management system for the cable. This JuiceBox comes with a chassis that is totally updated from their previous boxy construction.

After taking over Emotorwerks, Enel X excelled with the Enel x JuiceBox 40. In terms of cable of the level 2 EV charger, the JuiceBox 40 is blessed with a slightly longer cable which measures a total length of about 25 feet. Most electric vehicle like Tesla have wall chargers that are only 18 feet long. This is a very useful feature whether you are charging at home or in the office.

The JuiceBox just like the ChargePoint come with LED lights which help you the know the state of charge. Furthermore, the Enel x JuiceBox goes a little longer to include the key lock function which is on the charging handle. This helps to lock out people looking to siphon off some charges from your electric vehicle. This is one of the smart function that makes this charging station one of the most attractive home chargers to buy in 2023.

In terms of the length of the cable, the JuiceBox 40 comes with a 3 foot cable. This long cable will allow you to easily mount your JuiceBox 40 without needing to change the plug. This is very important in cases where your car might not be able to be parked close to the garage. This means that you will need a longer cable to extend from your garage to the sidebar of the car. This is one reason most people will choose a cable that is much longer.

Other similar chargers like the ChargePoint doesn’t offer much length but was left dangling, to their short cable lengths after the NEMA 14 50 plug.

The Smart Home Charger

The Juicebox pro 40 is known as a Smart Home Charger that comes with the best of features. Apart from a decent power output, this is one of the charging stations that comes with tons of smart features to make each charging session an unforgettable one. This is one of the charging stations that come with apps and Wifi connectivity to help you control each charging session. One essential function that this charging station offers, is the ability to schedule charging functions to suitable times during the day or night. The JuiceBox allows you to put off you the power until some other time. This allows you to help save your money. You could set up your charge times by using a WIFI connection. Thanks this is made possible by the EV charger app.

We would also like to state that this Wifi smart EVSE comes with a decent charge speed that means that you do not get to wait for too long before your EV charges up.

Smart App

The JuiceBox 40 unit really shines through when considering the features of its app function. This device offers a useful app which is important in receiving information about the charging process. This helps you make good decisions which can help you save some money. But Enel X apps, Juicenet went an extra mile by making the Electrek news feed available to owners of its smart home car charger.

Energy Consumption

As a smart charger, the Juicebox helps you to manage your energy consumption to allow you to save tons of money. This is what makes it such a really smart EVSE unit for your electric car. You could be looking to have energy companies to directly connect with your home charging station.

With this, your energy usage can be read, so that you can get rewarded for off-grid charging. Moreover, they could decide to help control the time that the vehicle charges (charging schedules) to help manage the grid effectively and efficiently. In terms of this feature, the Enel X has more advantage since it also doubles as an energy company making some progress in these areas.

The Juicebox charging stations are a future proof device. This device really trumps all other charging stations as it comes with a pretty flexible cable which is quite smaller like the Tesla. People will like the dual charger alternative like the ClipperCreek in these charger option. But the Clippercreek is not as smart a level 2 EVSE as the Juicebox.

Buying the Juicebox EVSE

The JuiceBox is among smart EVSEs for both use in the home and workplace to charge any electric vehicle. This level 2 EVSE works as a smart power source for your Tesla, Hyundai Kona, Nissan Leaf, and every other electric car out there. However, it looks that this version of the JuiceBox tend to fit the needs of any Tesla owner from different perspectives.

If you are looking to purchase this smart level 2 EVSE, then there are several reasons to go ahead and buy this version. Its charging cable is a little bit longer. This means that you will not have too much difficulty getting the holster from the wall mount outlet to your car. It also comes with a decent amount of flexibility and this also allows you more reach to easily charge up your electric vehicle.

Still speaking on why people with electric cars need to choose this level 2 EVSE, the JuiceBox comes with a 3 feet NEMA 14 50 lead plug, while most other level 2 charging stations, come with the NEMA 14 50 lead plug which is just a foot long. The plug from the JuiceBox 40 can be mounted so easily without moving your plug.

In terms of the price. The Enel X JuiceBox for electric cars seems slightly more pocket-friendly than most other level 2 EVSEs. Furthermore, this charge port is a good household outlet that comes with a decent charge function – the anti-theft lock – which makes it possible to block out people from using it. This is pretty much different from most other charging stations.

Furthermore, the JuiceBox also comes with a lighter and longer grip which makes it plug easily and be removed smoothly. The app from the JuiceBox is quite nicer than other level 2 EVSEs. This nice app makes it easier for you to save costs. The JuiceBox makes it easier to set up your EV charger by using the app. This is possible with the JuiceReady service that comes with the Enel X.

JuiceBoxJuiceBox 40 Next Generation Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station with WiFi -Check Price on Amazon

* Links in this table contain affiliate links, which means at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through the link and make a purchase. Thank you for your support. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.