Is the Tesla Model 3 In Cabin Camera Spying On You?

When the Tesla Model was first released, people started noticing the camera facing the car above the rearview mirror. Three years have passed, and the camera still has not been officially launched.

Recently, a Twitter user cracked the camera and shared the video photos of the camera. It can be seen that the entire camera is basically in the center of the cabin, and the wide angle of the lens is sufficient to basically see the expressions and riding status of passengers and drivers.

It is reported that the resolution of the camera is 1280×960, and the recorded image is a grayscale image that is more easily recognized by the computer.

Because the location of the camera is extremely secret, many people speculate, such as conspiracy theorists will say that this is Musk’s device to monitor the driver.

In this regard , Musk recently confirmed on Twitter that the camera will be used to prevent passengers from destroying the vehicle when the Robotaxis start rolling out, and will record the inside of the vehicle during driving.

At the same time, the design helps Sentry Mode recordings to fully guarantee the safety of vehicles, and will be used as direct evidence if there is an emergency.

Having said that, most users do not want to see that they have been under the supervision of others. Let’s hope the camera is only used for the greater goods. What do you think of it?

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