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Innova Mine: Crypto Mining and Trading Under One Roof

Innova Mine is a top-notch cloud mining service regulated by Australians Securities and Investments Commissions with a specialty in cryptocurrency mining services. Specifically, it focuses on mining Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.
The company has a pool of experienced team members, made up of crypto enthusiasts with an optimistic view of the future of crypto. Also, most of them have a tech background. The company has a unique business model that it intends to capitalize on and become a potential force in the cryptocurrency mining sphere by 2020.

How Innova Mine Works

At Innova Mine, the mining packages available are SHA 256, Script and Ethash. While the SHA 256 is exclusively for mining Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, Ethash and Script are used for mining Ethereum and Litecoin respectively. For a Bitcoin mining contract on Innova Mine, the minimum hashrate is 1.3 TH/s with an Antminer s15 hardware and generates up to $153.84 worth of coins per 10TH/s. For an Ethereum mining contract, the minimum hashrate is 5MH/s with an Innova Mine GPU Rigs hardware and can raise up to $40.00 worth of ETH per MH/s.

For a Litecoin mining contract, Innova Mine uses a minimum hashrate of 30MH/s with an Antminer 1.3 hardware and generates coins that worth $6.66 per 10 MH/s. Finally, the Bitcoin Cash mining contract gives a 5 TH/s minimum hashrate, with the Antminer s9 and s15 hardware, and produces up to $153.84 worth of coins per 10 TH/s.

For all the mining contracts, the duration is two years, and the price of the contract includes the maintenance fee. Concerning payouts, miners automatically get the coins that they mined in the agreement.

Because of hashing power variations, Innova Mine uses algorithms to allocate miners to the fastest and most effective mining pools. By so doing, the cloud mining service inhibits any loss of mining capability during the generation of new blocks.

Explanatory Video Introduction

The platform provides a video that vividly demonstrates how everything works on the platform. From the video, miners can discern what Innova Mine is all about, and how they can use the company to make money from cryptocurrency mining. Watching the video to the end provides an in-depth understanding of how the platform can be used to generate profits.

Available Trading system

Contrary to other cloud mining service providers that only offer mining services, Innovamine.io has a trading page that users can utilize to trade cryptocurrencies. The digital assets traded on the website are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC). A user can easily access his account from the dashboard of the trading page.

More Cryptos to Be Added

Plans are underway to add more cryptocurrencies that can be traded on the Innovamine.io to create a diversified portfolio that suits all users.

Easy trading on the platform

First, you have to deposit your crypto into your account. The crypto should be Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, or Litecoin. Once you’re done, you should complete the following steps:
•    Head to your account’s dashboard area and click on the trading button;
•    Choose the cryptocurrency that you intend to trade;
•    Choose if you want to buy or sell;
•    Insert your trading volume;
•    Select if you wish to trade from your balance or from the processing.

In a selfless move by Innovamine.io, all profits resulting from the trading system’s commissions are distributed to miners. This means that Innovamine.io doesn’t retain any profits for itself and, therefore, regardless of the conditions, miners will always make a profit.

Progressive Referral commissions

Innovamine.io has a referral program that enables users to make some extra income through referrals. By referring your family, friends and other acquaintances, affiliate members can earn a 5% commission. The commission varies with account level and increases with each referral made.

Users Get All the Profits

Innova Mine provides two revenue streams, one from mining and the other from trading. Users utilizing the platform can, therefore, earn either way since all trading commissions are distributed to all users.
When compared with its competitors, Innova Mine aggressively takes care of its miners and provides them with the best services.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet