Elastos Launches Testnet for DApp Development

Over the past month, Elastos has launched a testnet for developers and made significant steps toward realizing the project’s vision for creating a decentralized internet. It is now possible for DApps to be deployed over Elastos’ testnet, showcasing the potential of the Elastos Smart Web.

The driving principle behind Elastos is to create a platform through which DApps can be accessed and used with the same level of ease and intuitiveness of a smartphone app. The Elastos testnet launch includes a demonstration of the Trinity browser, through which DApps can be used without requiring any specialist technical know-how. The current testnet version of the Elastos Trinity browser is only available on Android, but the final version will be compatible with iOS, Windows, and Mac.

The Elastos Trinity browser is based on the open-source Chromium browser, giving it an accessible layout that will be familiar to any smartphone user. The blockchain technology underpinning Trinity is essentially invisible to the end user.

The testnet launch has been accompanied by a series of articles and videos detailing the end-to-end demo app creation process , with useful documentation for developers added to the Elastos Github depository.

For a project like Elastos to be successful long-term, it will need to reach a critical mass of developers and users. To this end, the Cyber Republic project (www.cyberrepublic.org), set to launch later this week, will distribute ELA tokens to fund projects being developed for the Elastos platform.

While there remains some way to go before the Elastos DApp platform is fully operational, the project is making important steps toward creating an ecosystem for DApps that can foster real-world adoption.

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Elastos Launches Testnet for DApp Development
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