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DX.Exchange starts listing Security Tokens


The Estonia-based digital assets exchange platform, DX.Exchange, has started listing Security Tokens (STOs), the company announced today.

“Currently there is a demand amongst blockchain and crypto entrepreneurs to raise funds via Security Token Offerings (STOs). STOs are swiftly replacing ICOs, and this noticeable shift is largely driven by softening demand from retail investors for who have lost confidence in the unregulated ICO instrument,” the listing page reads.

DX.Exchange continued to explain: “We now offer every eligible company in the industry the possibility to take its business to global, by connecting the old financial world with the new digital asset marketplace. DX offers a one stop shop for established businesses, startups, and real-world assets to become tradeable securities. This is true definition of blockchain utility, and the dawn of the Digital Asset Revolution.”

As exchange platform explains on their website, “Security Tokens or STOs can now be traded on the DX.Exchange platform. All trades are matched on Nasdaq’s market leading matching engine technology and monitored by Nasdaq’s surveillance system. Companies can finally provide their investors with liquidity and all accredited and non-accredited investors can invest in real digital assets.”

The company noted that in order to gain access to the Security Token Offerings section on DX.Exchange, investors will need to go through KYC questionnaire. Once this process has been successfully completed, they will get access to STOs that they qualify for.

As we have previously explained, STOs are clearly getting a lot of people within the crypto space very excited. Replacing the unregulated frenzy of ICOs with a new wave of regulatory-compliant tokens blending elements from cryptocurrency and traditional stocks, many are predicting Security Token Offerings will be big news in the very near future. But they have yet to move beyond the hype stage and begin to live up to the enormous expectations many have for them.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet