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Coinstar now lets you buy Bitcoin (BTC) from their kiosks at your local grocery store

Here’s something that removes all impediments to your entry into the crypto industry, Bitcoin buying at your local grocery store. Thanks to Coinme and Coinstar, buying bitcoin (BTC) can now be done easily. All you have to do is look for the Coinstar kiosks in your nearest grocery store and that’s it, you can now start buying your first crypto, if you haven’t done so until now.

The bitcoin buying kiosk was made possible by the team up of Coinstar, operator of the largest fully automated self-service coin counting kiosks located in various groceries and Coinme, a venture-backed blockchain financial services company. Coinme became the first state-licensed Bitcoin ATM operator in the U.S. four years ago. Coinstar on the other hand operates more than 20,000 kiosks locations.

Coinme Cofounder Neil Bergquist said in the press release that his company is excited to team up with Coinstar to provide its customers an easy way of buying Bitcoin (BTC). By easy, it means making it as part of one’s daily routine.

“Bitcoin is now accessible at your local grocery store via Coinstar kiosks, and this offering will make it even easier for consumers to participate in this dynamic new economy.”

Coinstar CEO Jim Gaherity commented:

“Coinstar is always looking for new ways to offer value to our consumers when they visit our kiosks, and Coinme’s innovative delivery mechanism along with Coinstar’s flexible platform makes it possible for consumers to easily purchase Bitcoin with cash.”

Before you proceed to the nearest grocery and start your Bitcoin buying freezy, you might want to take note of the following procedures on how to purchase Bitcoin from Coinstar kiosk:

  1. Touch “Buy Bitcoin” on a Coinstar kiosk, review and accept the terms of transactions,
  2. Enter your Phone number,
  3. Insert U.S. paper money into the cash acceptor (amount should not exceed $2500),
  4. Received a voucher with Bitcoin redemption code,
  5. Create an account (if you don’t have one yet) or sign in to your account,
  6. Claim your Bitcoin!

Some words of advice though, just like traditional ATMs, these kiosks are also open to malware attacks, so it wouldn’t hurt to be cautious when making transactions on these machines.

About Arnold Zafra

Arnold Zafra is a freelance tech blogger from the Philippines who is enthusiastic about cryptocurrency, decentralised apps and other emerging developments in the tech industry.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet