Byton M-Byte Rolls Off Production Line In China For Launch This Year

The mass production version of Byton ‘s first model, M-Byte, rolled off the production line in China and is expected to be launched this year.

Byton M-Byte was officially unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2019. The production version retains most of the design elements and highlights of the concept car.

Byton is expected to release the car to Chinese customers this year and eventually making their way to the European and the United States by next year.

The six EU markets Byton is targeting are:

  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • France
  • Switzerland

Byton M-Byte Interiors

YouTube video

The highlight of the new car is that it is equipped with a large 48-inch screen. Users can use the driver touch screen and co-driver touch screen to control and share the full screen. They can also interact with the vehicle through voice control, face recognition, air gestures and physical buttons.

In addition, M-Byte uses a push-button shift, in addition to enhancing the sense of technology, to make more room for front passengers. Byton also applied the rotating seat to M-Byte for the first time . The front seats can be rotated inward by a certain angle to facilitate passenger communication.

Byton M-Byte Battery Range

According to Byton’s official website, as far as power, “there will be three range options. The rear-wheel drive version with regular battery (72 kWh) offers 224 miles of WLTP range and 286 miles with extended battery (95kWh). The all-wheel drive version with extended battery (95kWh) offers 270 miles.(needs to change to EPA cycle numbers).”

BYTON M-Byte Charging Capabilities

According to Byton’s official website, Byton is “developing a set of AC and DC charging hardware to enable users to charge comfortable and fast at home, at the workplace and on-the-go. With the 3-phase BYTON 22kW Wallbox or Mobile Charger, you will be able to recharge the M-Byte in 4.5 hours, whereas a 150kW DC station found on most motorways will take less than 40 minutes (0-80%). The BYTON App will allow you to monitor the vehicle’s state of charge and the progress of your charging session.”

About Byton

Byton is a Chinese EV brand that was established in 2017. It is incorporated in Hong Kong and co-founded by former BMW and Nissan Motor executives.

Byton unveiled its first concept car to the public in January 2018. The company is currently running a trial shop at its Nanjing headquarters where prototypes are built. It plans to introduce its M-Byte SUV model first, with the start of production for late 2019. The SUV will go on sale in China end of 2019, followed by the U.S. and European markets in the second half of 2020.

Upcoming Byton K-Byte Sedan

Here’s a sweet looking K-Byte that is currently in the pipeline.