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Blockstream launches phase 2 of its Blockstream Satellite, API to be available in January


Blockchain technology company, Blockstream today announced that its satellite service has reached phase 2 and now covers the Asia Pacific region. Additionally, it is also now letting users to pay for its service through the “layer 2” scaling solution enabled by the additional support for the lightning network.

Blockstream also revealed its Satellite API. This groundbreaking broadcast service will empower users to access Blockstream Satellite network for broadcasting data worldwide.  With the Satellite API, users will be able to broadcast unencrypted data to everyone through a satellite receiver. It will also target specific users through encryption.

The API when combined with Lightning Network’s onion-route payments will allow users to send private messages. These messages will not reveal the sender nor the receiver’s identity and even the message content.

Developers would be better prepared by checking out the Satellite API document to ensure that they are ready when the Satellite API becomes available in January.

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Arnold Zafra is a freelance tech blogger from the Philippines who is enthusiastic about cryptocurrency, decentralised apps and other emerging developments in the tech industry.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet