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Blockstack invests $0.5 million into a new DApp browser

Blockstack invests $05 million into a new DApp browser

Blockstack, a platform for building decentralized blockchain applications, will invest half a million dollars into a decentralized web browser developed by the New Internet Labs, the company announced in a blog post on Wednesday. A new DApp browser is claimed to be a milestone in the Blockstack’s path to decentralization which was outlined in a blog post in October last year.

The key developer behind the development of an upcoming browsing tool for DApps is Larry Salibra, who is claimed to be one of the earliest contributors to Blockstack and one of the first Blockstack engineers. Salibra was described as a “key contributor” to many parts of the network before starting development on the first iterations of the Blockstack browser.

The project was described by Blockstack as “the browser for the new internet that will be designed from the ground up to secure an individual’s fundamental rights online.”

According to Blockstack PBC’s CEO, Muneeb Ali, browser for DApps will also make use of some of Blockstack’s native applications. A new browsing tool will use the Blockstack Name Service for distributing applications as well as the IPFS lightning which will apparently “help move the ball forward on digital rights.”

The issue of controlling rights and stake of the browser was also addressed in the blog post. Blockstack claimed that “in sticking with the ethos of decentralization, Blockstack PBC will not have a seat on the board or have a controlling stake of the company. As such, the management of New Internet Labs will be wholly independent from Blockstack.

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