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Crypto Exchange Bitstamp launches beta testing program for Android and iOS


The new Bitstamp cryptocurrency trading mobile app is coming out soon and the company is offering a bonus for the first 500 testers.

Bitstamp, one of the biggest cryptocurrency trading platforms, is working on a new  Android and iOS mobile apps, as announced in an email sent on Tuesday, 11th of December 2018.

“We are building a small community of users who provide feedback on new app features before they are released to the public. At this stage, the testing community will be limited to 500 users,” the email said.

Bitstamp is hoping to receive valuable feedback from its customers and improve  mobile app features. ” We would like you to use the new app, report any bugs/crashes and let us know which features you like, what needs improvement and what you’re still missing in the app,” the company said in the email.

According to the Bitstamp, first 500 users will get early access to the new Bitstamp cryptocurrency trading mobile app and $50 trading fee bonus once the beta test ends.

How to join the beta program?

Anyone interested in joining the program can subscribe to the Bitstamp’s newsletter and reply to the beta announcment email.

“Reply to this email and let us know which mobile OS you use (Android or iOS). If you use Android, we also need the email associated with your Google Play Store account. Then we will send you a link to download the beta app,” the company explained.

“Once you have installed the app, we will email you once per week to ask for feedback. If you submit feedback, you get a $50 trading fee bonus at Bitstamp after the beta ends on 7 January 2019,” the rules read.

According to the announcment, Bitstamp is planning on making frequent updates to the new cryptocurrency app and early users feedback will be part of the decision-making process when company decide what to build.

It is unclear when the new version of iOS and Android apps will be released, however the beta testing ends on the 7th of January, 2019 and we can expect the official release soon after.

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