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Bitcointalk announces support for Grin,previously accepted only Bitcoin

Bitcointalk announces support for Grin payments

On January 18th, an anonymous administrator of the Bitcointalk forum, named “theymos”, announced that a new privacy-focused cryptocurrency, Grin, is now accepted for forum payments. Grin is the second ever crypto to be accepted on the well-known website, as until now, Bitcointalk members were able to make payments only by using Bitcoins.

“I’m happy to announce that the forum is now accepting grin payments automatically, probably the first site other than exchanges to do so,” the anonymous administrator of the Bitcointalk wrote in his announcement.

Theymos praised Grin for its cypherpunk spirit, innovation and uniqueness. “I’m super excited about grin. All past altcoins have been just Bitcoin with a few bits tacked on; occasionally these extra bits are useful/interesting (eg. Monero or Ethereum), but in the vast majority of cases this extra stuff is just meaningless marketing-oriented garbage. But grin is packed full of useful innovation from top to bottom; moreover, it’s clearly built in the same cypherpunk spirit that Bitcoin was: increased freedom/sovereignty through technology,” he wrote.

Theymos stressed that there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding this new, privacy-oriented cryptucurrency. Bitcointalk admin remained unbiased and avoided any price predictions or speculations on whether Grin’s adoption continues to rise.

“Grin is new and clunky to use. I don’t expect many people to use it, honestly. But I needed to rewrite the forum payments system anyway in order to support LN in the future and to fix some longstanding issues with the old code, so adding grin support worked out nicely.

I don’t recommend buying or not buying grin. Due to its emission schedule, I’d guess that its price will have a general downward trend for quite some time, but who knows. Currently I own zero grin (though I will be buying from the forum all grin obtained), I was not paid to add grin support, and in fact not a soul knew that I was going to do so. grin support might be removed later if it dies off or becomes too time-consuming for me to maintain.

I tested this with grin’s floonet (testnet), but not mainnet yet since I don’t have any grin. Hopefully it works,” Theymos wrote.

Bitcointalk, is a highly-regarded cryptocurrency forum. One of its founding members was Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. Nakamoto posted his first message on Bitcointalk back in 2009 under the pseudonym “satoshi”.

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