8 Best Home CNC Machine in 2021

You need to get a good CNC router machine if you intend to be the best at any project involving cutting, engraving, and pretty much any thing that needs a CNC router machine. The best home CNC machine will help you take on any project regardless of the size of the machine and sophistication.


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Best DIY CNC router machine in 2021

This review features some of the best CNC router machines to use for your projects. They come with upgraded features like streamlined software, are easy to use, while coming in at affordable prices. A good router should be able to cut through wood, plastic, and so on. It should have a big working area.

1). BobsCNC E3 CNC Router Engraver Kit with Router

This is onecof the best CNC routers. The CNC Router Engraver Kit is made from multiple materials and gets its power supply from an AC power source. It has a voltage rating of 125 volts. It has a power wattage capacity of 600 watts. This is among the best CNC Engraver is produced from a well-known name in the industry: BobsCNC. This router has the greatest number of customers praising it and saying how much they find it dependable. Works like the CNC shark HD.

Everything about this 3 axis CNC machine is on point, from the after-sales, price, and packaging. You get a fair deal. You get some of the best customer experience in the industry when you purchase these CNC machines.

This is the best CNC Router for beginners. It features a sufficiently large footprint to enable it to execute a fair amount of carving. This BobsCNC E3 CNC router is perfect for most projects, especially the big projects. Apart from the ergonomic design, it has a reasonable price, great software, sufficient capability, and works properly. Works well with wood. Something we love about this home router is the fact that you can assemble it very easily.

It works well on lettering and is excellent when used to work on small objects. Has a good rail system. Additionally, users get a premium material each time that they make me see if this machine. You will fall in love with the robust design, elegance, and lightweight of this router. In comparison to most other CNC routers, it is light in weight. It has a rigid laser cut frame, which provides a strong and durable cutting machine.

Due to the machine’s small form factor, you can easily place it and your computer on a workbench and work. Most traditional routers will not be able to measure up to the 30,000 rpm of this router. It comes with such a powerful motor that rapidly cuts out such a large amount of materials.

It has a suitable working area defined by the 3 axis to handle all projects. It has 84 millimeters on the z axis, allowing it to maneuver and produce excellent results. It can produce a significant amount of work volume within a short time. The router can handle any size of work and deliver the results within a short time.


  • Big enough work area defined by the 3 axis, i.e. the x y and z axis.
  • Can be assembled easily.
  • This cnc router engraver kit has detailed and clear instructions on how to assemble the parts.
  • Perfectly conceived design.
  • Can be operated easily.
  • Stable and strong.
  • Excellent aftersales customer service.


  • Works with so much noise.
  • It is not easy to assemble.

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2). MYSWEETY Upgrade Version CNC 3018 Pro

The CNC 3018 Pro is such a unit made with a combination of aluminum and phenolic resin. The about the CNC 3018 Pro is that it gets its power supply to be operated by hand.

The good thing about it is the fact that it does not require any batteries to be operated. This unit is the upgraded version of the previous CNC 3018 Pro. This unit has all the sophisticated tools to handle all sorts of engraving tasks.

Firstly, the MYSWEETY CNC 3018 Pro just like the Genmitsu CNC unit is the best CNC machines for any beginner. You can use this unit to learn the process of the CNC machine. It CNC router comes with an open source software design to allow any novice to see the engine. They can learn what it takes to carry out adjustments when it comes to trimming the axis.

You also get a more straightforward troubleshooting process. Furthermore, you could simply repair any mistake that occurs and come with a lower price point than a production CNC unit.

Additionally, users get an instruction booklet that helps them assemble this best 3018 CNC router unit machine. You get a reasonable assembly with this machine. The high power 775 motor delivers a 4100 rpm no-load speed. While you cannot engrave a hard metal with this unit, it will easily cut through plastics, wood, PVC, PCB, and acrylic.

This desktop CNC 3018 Pro makes it easy for you to add the laser module kit to it. Most experienced desktop CNC engraving artists efficiently use this module to unleash their unbridled creativity. This is such an excellent DIY CNC machine for such a good price point. We love the open source software of this unit.


  • Looks like the Genmitsu CNC unit.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • This is the right CNC unit for any beginner.
  • You can easily understand the unit as it comes with pretty clear and concise instruction.
  • Convenient and pretty easy one to use.
  • Well designed and a very steady one.
  • Comes with a lightweight.


  • Does not have certain features like the Genmitsu CNC unit.
  • Does not allow the offline controller and computer to work at the same time.
  • Does not come with its laser head.
  • The stepper motor has no limit switches to control it.

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3). T30502 Next Wave Automation CNC Router

This is the next best CNC router on this review. The Next Wave Automation is a pretty easy and versatile one at that. It is such an advanced do-it-yourself CNC router that can be used in the house. You cannot easily get a more superior product than this, the Next Wave Automation CNC Router.

This router comes with many effective specifications. it comes with upgraded electronics with good software, expansion ports, XY homing capability, larger linear guides, and the color touchscreen pendant controller.

This CNC router comes with full compatibility with the DeWalt, Bosch, Porter Cable 690 and 890 Series. Indeed, the open source Virtual Zero Software, which is included in this machine, helps map your material’s surface for maximal accuracy. Generally, this machine is such a wonderful creation with good design software.


  • Gets rid of the problems which is created by warped or bowed workpieces.
  • Excellently created.
  • Highly versatile and can be operated pretty easily.
  • Lesser table flex and highly accurate results.
  • Can cut through wood and any material.
  • Good size of the machine.


  • Works with only Windows 7 or the later version.

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4). CNC Piranha XL

This CNC Piranha FX unit is best for engraving and cutting projects that demand fine work. The CNC Piranha FX is a unit made by Next Wave Automation, a household name in the CNC cutting machine industry.

Regardless of your project tasks’ finesse and requirements, the CNC Piranha FX is pretty versatile enough to give you the best creative results to get the intended results. It has many automatic alignment features like the touch screen controller, the 24 inches of the Y-capacity, plus the virtual zero software, all of which make this CNC Piranha XL such a unit to be reckoned with.

Among the most excellent features of this unit is that it comes with the Y-capacity, which makes it closer to being a complete CNC router but is still offered at quite an affordable price.

We love that this model comes with an aluminum interlocking table with T-track slots that help ensure both flexible and secured clamping. Due to the 24 inch homing capability and extra-large table of the device, it is perfect for such projects as carving, plaques, and all that. You can use this device to handle any project that features plastics, wood, and soft metals.

You can easily operate this router and use it on any project regardless of difficulty. It comes with a color touchscreen, which enhances the user-friendliness of the device. Furthermore, the user-friendliness of this device is enhanced by the presence of the VCarve Desktop V9.5 software, which also enhances its versatility.

You could complete any project by using the included software of this unit on your computer. This connects through the USB 2.0 port. You can then directly store your program on the USB flash drive while accessing the storage device program.

One reason why we love this machine is the fact that it has been completely assembled. This enables you to start up and begin right away. You do not need to assemble too many things apart from connecting your cords and adding the router. The device has a slim design to enable you to fit it onto any workbench.


  • This is such a solid CNC routing machine and well-built.
  • Has a simple setup.
  • Excellent user-friendliness
  • Highly versatile


  • Does not work with the MAC.
  • Does not comes with a USB flash drive.

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5). MYSWEETY DIY CNC Router kit

This MYSWEETY DIY CNC router kit is made from aluminum to ensure long term service and durability. It gets its power supply from an AC/DC source. It also comes with a voltage rating of 120V – 240 V. This MYSWEETY 1610 CNC Router kits is a brilliant home machine that is pretty affordable. This is the cheapest home router that you can get on this review list of the best routers and CNC machines.

With its comfortable price, it suits those people who are on a shoestring budget and do not want to spend much. These types of CNC routers handle their tasks with the needed amount of flexibility. This is especially when it comes to light; -duty tasks. It can cut odd materials that are softer such as PCB, PVC, acrylic, wood, and plastic. You can easily assemble this home machine and subsequently operate it without any problems whatsoever.

We love the stable structure of this CNC machine, plus the simple shape. The DIY CNC Router kit is armed with a 775 spindle motor, which delivers a high speed of about 7000 rpm. This speed generated is just sufficient for any carving project that you might have. This device features the 42 stepper motor, another mechanical function that helps you complete projects faster than you can imagine.

We would love to add that this router comes with the GRBL control system, which correspondingly has a computer numerical control panel for easy control functions. You can use any operating system with this router. It works well with Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP series. We tell in love with this router because rather than making use of a computer, you can instead make use of offline modules.

This makes it possible for the MYSWEETY home machine to help you to increase both work efficiency and usability. Additionally, you do not have to adjust anything. All you need to do is to position during the installation process of the motor simply. Has a rack and pinion function that helps it to work properly.

Finally, an advanced slider bearing plus a top-notch threaded stainless steel screw with a 10mm diameter optical acid helps get rid of backlash. It comes with a unique frame size, which provides a useful dimension of a working area. Summarily, the MYSWEETY 1610 CNC machine is such an intelligent CNC machine and comes as at an excellent price too. Talk about a bang for your buck!


  • A strong build
  • We love the GRBL control system.
  • These CNC machines
  • Gives precise and accurate results.
  • High stability and high strength.
  • Highly durable.
  • Works with most operating systems.


  • The assembly instructions do not offer a helpful description.

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6). CNC Machine For Small shop – The Green Bull 4×8

This is such a great router which is made from a mixture of materials. It is made of aluminum, glass, metal, and MDF wood. It uses the AC as its source of power supply. It has such a portable size while there are no batteries needed to operate this unit.  This Green Bull 4×8 is such a superior option over traditional routers. It is such a heavy duty router that most other CNC routers in the market look inferior to it.

This is such a fully packed CNC router unit that will undoubtedly satisfy all user’s machining requirements. You can significantly reduce the time of production of this device in several ways. You can use this router to carve large 3D arts, which can be used on bigger sheet sizes.

You can correctly use the unit on an engraving standard sheet 4″ x8″. However, do not underestimate this router because it has a wooden frame. It can manipulate nearly everything you give it. Luckily for professional/commercial users, the router works to the highest precision and accuracy.

Users get three different primary travel sizes with this device. The travel sizes are 4x, 5x, and 6x. The machine has generally increased sizes to provide sustained stability along all three new travel length. Has a huge working area.

It features a much larger size of machine, which gives it more general stability, plus these new travel lengths. This CNC Machine allows you to cut and burn while using the same unit. You can also add a 40W CO2 laser tube function to the already attached Granty for the dual Spindle/Laser feature. This unit’s gantry comes with a much more increased height, located in the center between the bottom v-groove bearings and v-groove bearings.

Due to this increased height, there is a corresponding increased flex resistance plus with the ribs from the gantry. Furthermore, this rigid steel coupling offers more strength in situations involving high torque. The unit comes with a USB cable, which has a power of 5V.

It features a 110V inverter, which has a 2.2kW spindle. This makes it such an excellent alternative for home use. If you cannot have access to the 220V power mains, then this unit is for you. It delivers variable speeds that can be controlled and efficiently execute its cutting process. Has a huge cutting area.

We love this unit due to its ability to reduce the noise and dust factor. The remodeled dust shoe comes with an updated feature that allows it to redirect the blower air emitted out of the router so that the space underneath the dust shoe features nearly a total suction.

Generally, if you have a small business, this is the best CNC machine for you.


  • Excellent for light aluminum, acrylic, and wood.
  • A highly-versatile machine
  • Effective cutting
  • Has the ability to extract dust fully.


  • Does not comes with a table, which means that you will need to construct one yourself.

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7). CNCEST AXIS 3040 300x400MM CNC Machine

This is among the metal-made routers and is rated 110 volts and 400 watts. It is a power milling machine that is manufactured by CNCEST. The machine is a brilliant router Engraver CNC 3040 produced by CNCEST who has been making such CNC machines for 25 years. This unit is excellent for those who do not have much space for their  CNC machines.

Plus, it comes at a great price too. Works well with wood. This is a desktop CNC machine that comes with a user-friendly interface for straightforward commands. The device also works well with a laptop. You can use this machine for a processing hobby, for industrial purposes, or technology research. You can perform your engraving routines either in your office or your home garage.

The device is a more compact form of the carving machine, enabling you to perform large 3D and faster engraving at any location and anywhere. With this device, you can perfectly work on carving out nonmetal material, wood, plastic, PMMA, and a PCB. Then again, it has spiral flute bits, which helps you to engrave many more materials.

This CNCEST 3040 is equipped with the Mach 3 software that is pretty simple to use and highly intelligent. We love the precision of the stepping motor. This precision leads to more precise results during the engraving machine process. With the spindle motor knob, you can accurately adjust the little positioning.

Furthermore, if you want a high torque transmission, this can be obtained by using a flexible coupling. One of the best things about these routers is that they come with cover plates, which helps to minimize pollution for both the screws and the shafts. Furthermore, the emergency stop button makes sure of security while the unit is being used.

We love the fact that this CNCEST power milling machine 3040 is a highly durable device. It has chrome shafts and an aluminum alloy frame. These shafts are so strong to resist deformation, which helps guarantee their durability and longevity. The external casing construction helps provide steady and robust support to make transportation of the device completely safe.

We love this unit since it comes with every one of the accessories needed to operate the machine. This means that there will be no need to buy the accessories anymore. Has a huge cutting area.


  • You can easily install the unit and operate it.
  • A user-friendly device.
  • A steady and robust construction.
  • Works with most operating systems.


  • This unit is not the perfect option for heavy cuts.

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8).  Axiom Precision AR8 Pro+

The Axiom Precision AR8 Pro+ is the best four axis unit CNC router you can find for an affordable price. We love the advanced features of this unit, which is primarily featured only around industrial environments. However, this unit has such an excellent price point that just about anyone can afford it.

The Axiom Precision AR8 Pro+ is all that you need for your cutting and engraving projects. It comes with lots of useful features which makes projects a lot faster. The Axiom Precision Pro Series are the best CNC routers that are equipped with the 4th-axis capability.

We love this high quality machine and such equipment that has been built properly. Don’t get fooled by different CNC routers out there with higher price points but do not have the same features with this one.

The Axiom Precision is a CNC known for its industrial features. it can easily cut precisely and comes with a solid design. You can trust this device to cut your projects precisely. It features integrated spoil boards, which assure all the accuracy and precision needed to get excellent results for any project.

We love the quiet operation of the motor of this device. The component smoothly works at every speed and can be adjusted pretty easily. The component works pretty quietly that it is difficult to tell whether the machine is on or not whenever it is running but not cutting.

The liquid cooling system lies within the spindle. This function helps to prolong the unit’s lifespan even under more challenging conditions. This CNC router does not need to be attached to the computer to make it work. You can easily get a USB storage device and get the file transferred to your handheld controller. The handheld comes with a lightweight, it is powerful, and easily works with the controller.

This Axiom Precision CNC machine is perfect for entry level users or those looking to upgrade to a higher grade machine. The machine is top-quality and can be used so easily. It is one of the top-rated router CNC machines. Has a huge cutting area.


  • Carefully designed for executing any project which involves engraving and cutting.
  • Properly built to work efficiently.
  • Has an industrial quality.
  • Has excellent accuracy.
  • Long-lasting and durable.


  • Does not come with software.

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BobsCNCBobs CNC Evolution 3 CNC Router Kit with the RouterCheck Price on Amazon
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