5 Best Ceramic Coating For Tesla in 2023

Ceramic Coating For Tesla are very susceptible to dirts and other debris. You should not allow these unwanted blemishes to Mar the appearance of your model 3. The ceramic coatings of most vehicles are what makes them stand out and you would want to make sure that you give as much protection as you can to your Tesla model 3.

Best model 3 ceramic coating for Tesla in 2023

When thinking of the most excellent ceramic coatings for your Tesla model 3, there are certain functions that you need put into perspective. This are the ease of application, warranty, cost, method of application, nature of preparation, and so on. While we have lots of PPF ceramic coatings in the market, not all of them give you the expected performance. This review explains the most excellent options in the market right now.

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1). Xpel Ultimate

When it comes to the best Tesla paint protection film PPF, the Xpel Ultimate plus is the best option for you to choose. It is a great ceramic coating for your Tesla car. The pain protection film PPF works to protect the front side of the car especially the front bumper.

The front bumper and thenhood of your Tesla can gather rock chips. Therefore, it is best that you get capable ceramic coatings like the Xpel Ultimate plus to help protect the coating on your vehicle. This paint protection film PPF helps you to maintain the front part of your vehicle. This because the hood and the front bumper tend to gather rock chips pretty easily.

Chips can be really difficult to wash off. The detailing process is also not easy. Therefore, you need a premium ceramic coating to help remove these unwanted elements on your vehicle. The Xpel Ultimate plus as we know it is the most generally recommended paint protection film products for any owner of the Tesla. While Xpel plus comes in at a slightly expensive price, it comes with the ability to help initiate self healing on your Tesla.

This Xpel Ultimate plus film makes the clear coat polymers to easily flow during heating. When you apply the Xpelplus ceramic coating you are exposed to a lot of benefits. The coating initiates self healing when the car is stained by scratches, swirl marks, or bird droppings. With these coatings, the scratches and swirl marked are easier to wash off. The Tesla model 3 is very notorious for gathering debris and dead bug stains.

If you have the Xpel Ultimate plus coating already installed in your vehicle, the dead bug and other stains will be a lot easier to wash off. The Xpel plus coating is one of the highly recommended self healing coating solutions for your Tesla model 3 electric vehicle.

This is due to the advantages that comes with self healing ceramic coating solutions. They are quite the most excellent paint protection film products you have on your car. The Xpel Ultimate coating is a great choice for people looking to protect the paint of their Tesla model 3 cars. It also works well on other models of the Tesla electric vehicle.

Furthermore, this is one PPF ceramic coating which gets applied to your car almost instantly. You can decide to buy the PPF after purchasing your new Tesla vehicle.


  • The best ceramic coating paint protection film
  • Has the ability to self-heal
  • Worth the extra money
  • Can be applied easily and immediately after the purchase of your Tesla vehicle.


  • Costs a lot of money.

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2). Ceramic Pro ceramic coating PPF

The Ceramic Pro is an excellent ceramic coating PPF for your Tesla. This is as good as the most excellent paint sealant in the market. However, the Ceramic Pro is one of the PPF coating solutions that come with a 10 year warranty. This is a nano-coating that can last for such a long time and are meant as a long term solution to your Tesla paint needs.

The Tesla paint can be susceptible to dirt and grime. This is one reason you need an excellent ceramic coating to help protect the paint of your electric vehicle. The Tesla coating car paint protection, helps protect your car from the harmful effects of external agents on the painted surfaces of your car.

Whether you have the model 3 or the model x, ceramic coating solutions are much easier to wash off after applying the paint protection film. The ceramic coating PPF helps protect your car from external effects like Ultraviolet rays and sunshine, acid rain, tree gum, bird droppings, and industry powder.

This Pro coating often comes with a 10 year warranty and works just like the Xpel ceramic coating. The Ceramic Pro just like the Xpel is used to minimize swirl marks on your Tesla model S car. It is one of those coating solutions that helps you ensure that the painted surface of your vehicle is as clean and dirt-free as they come. The Ceramic Pro comes with solvents that helps form a new layer on top of existing paint coatings.


  • First time application with excellent results.
  • Comes with a 10 year warranty.
  • Help provide a protective layer to shield your Tesla car from swirl marks, scratchings, and UV rays.
  • Penetrates and completely infuses into microscopic imperfections to fill up any troubled layer of paint coatings.
  • Equipped with nanotechnology.
  • Comes with carrier solvents that has multiple layers.
  • Usually cure to the level of a 9H hardness.


  • Most DIY nano ceramic coatings can only be
  • applied in a single layer.
  • Costs lots of money.

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3). Armor Shield IX DIY PPF kit

This is the best ceramic coating for your electric car that will help protect the surface of your vehicle. This ceramic coating offers a long term solution when it comes to problems with ceramic coating on vehicles. It is a good product for clay bar routines and vehicle detailing. When used on your vehicle, you will get a good shine on the surface.

This is a hydrophobic solution and means that your vehicle will turn out new plus washing will be easier. The solution is a good option for salted roads and grimy snow. It comes with a paint correction property and is an excellent choice for your Tesla model 3 vehicle.

The ceramic coating gives a durable pact and works just like the Xpel Ultimate and the Ceramic Pro as previously mentioned. It is such a PPF ceramic coating that make sure that your car is well protected against such things like swirl marks, scratches, and all that.

It is a nice coating protection solution for your vehicle and comes with years of warranty. It takes a short time to settle in and is such a nice sealant for Tesla model 3 vehicles. The product turns your car back to new. The product will work well any car too. It is used during detailing to help protect car paint coatings and offer a durable and reliable protection.

This ceramic coating is known contain nano agents. It, therefore, saves you much time and would give you the result that you want. It is suitable for both professionals and beginners. This product is such an excellent protector especially for people who do not have the time to hang around and wait to get the result they want. 

This kit gives you the full result you want. You can use this product at home and not have to get any detailing expert to apply the product. Why this ceramic coating is not expensive, it comes with lots of durability. This PPF coat option is expected to last for years. You get a shiny and deep waxy look on your vehicle after treatment with this ceramic coating. You can use this to enhance your Tesla paint immediately after purchase or after some mileage, whatever choice you choose, you literally get the nicest treatment.

This ceramic PPF surface coating solution comes with a complete kit which makes the application of the solution easy. It is a home-made application kit that enables self-cleaning. This means that just like your Xpel and Ceramic Pro, this Armor Shield kit, helps initiate self-healing on your vehicle paint job each time it gets defaced by any stain or mark. It has a deep three-dimensional gloss that is expected to be in top shape for years to come.

The ceramic surface coat solution comes with a concise manual for users which helps DIYers properly apply the solution. The cap of this surface coating product comes with the plug seal that is used to prevent leaking.


  • The cap is equipped with a leak-free plug seal.
  • Comes with a comprehensive instructions guide.
  • Durable deep 3D gloss.
  • Comes with a complete self-healing kit.
  • The complete kit makes for an easy application.


  • Costs much money.
  • To get an awesome result, you need lots of preparation.

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4). CarPro Cquartz 50 ML Kit

The CarPro ceramic coating kit is the most excellent nano ceramic coating PPF solution you can ever get. This is the most used plus the most commonly trusted Nano coat material. This PPF plus solution comes with an innovative formula to help improve the look of your vehicle.

With the CarPro Tesla model 3 coat, you are free to apply this at colder temperatures. This PPF solution comes with 99.9% purity and contains 70% of quartz. This solution comes with a complete kit which is composed of the coat solution, an applicator, and 5 microfiber cloths.

This solution is extremely easy with the fast action PPF formula. This coating solution comes with durable paint protection. Your model 3 can stay protected for about 2 or more years with this PPF option. Due to the added quartz, this solution is highly resistant to contaminants, birds faeces, and contaminants.

The hydrophobic nature of the solution make sure that you have shorter and easier cleaning sessions with your model 3. This CarPro plus PPF product is mainly used by professionals. However, it is also meant for beginners to use, but they would have to learn how to apply this solution to their model 3. The overall value of the ceramic coating justifies its cost.

We love this PPF solution which is one of the most excellent sealant for the model 3. It is one product that can be applied at various places in your vehicle. The super glossy look that it gives your car is due to its rich quartz content. You will see it when it is done.


  • Comes with 99.9% purity and 70% quartz.
  • Due to the fast action formula, this is easy to apply.
  • The car appears shiny due to the self healing effect.
  • Comes with a complete application solution.


  • This sealant requires a thorough preparation job.

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5). Migliore Strata Coating

This is a top rated ceramic coating for your 3 model Tesla. This wax features an excellently glossy and rich ceramic coating which works without much maintenance.  You can use this paint correction product on the vehicle paint surface to help protect if from the damaging effects of contaminants. This coating material when applied, turns into a sturdy shell.

This shell is impervious to tough stains and scratches. The Tesla Model 3 paint protection film forms a clear coat that helps resist dirt, stain, and droppings from birds to stain the paint coat of your Tesla model 3. You would not need to see the detailing expert once you are done applying this Tesla model 3 paint coat PPF substance.

It has a self-cleaning function that allows it to easily get rid of sorts from the paint coat surface to make it new once again. This model 3 coat protecting product helps minimize the time taken to wash the vehicle. This time is reduced by a factor of half. Just think about the fact that the coat helps protect your vehicle from UV rays plus water insides marrings.

If you apply this ceramic coating on your model 3, you will see a better improvement. If you think that the cost is more than the benefit, think it all over. This is one of the products you have got in the market. Its performance justifies the cost. Since the ceramic paint coat kit will help shield your Tesla model 3 from the harmful effects of rain, contaminants, sun, and UV ray.

Your vehicle paint coat can be protected for about one year. While this is a high-quality coat sealant for the model 3, we love the easy application of the ceramic PPF coat material. This solution comes with the full installation kit to make sure that beginners find the product very user-friendly. 

The Migliore make your vehicle clay bar and wax treatment a breeze. When you are done with this kit, you will be amazed by the way it will work to give your model 3 the high gloss finish that it really deserves. The first thing about this PPF is better than your normal sealants and wax since it will work to help protect the paint of your vehicle. It gives it a shiny look apart from cleaning the car. Can be used in the full front of your Tesla model 3.


  • This is a premium paint job that is manufactured in the United States.
  • Comes with easy and quick application.
  • The self cleaning function is used to get rid of contaminants.
  • The paint life of your vehicle is enhanced by the water sheeting and UV-resistance.
  • Both experienced users and beginners will find this solution useful.
  • It is a complete solution for the Plexiglas.


  • Comes with such a short curing time.

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