Accidentally Sent USDT to Binance Smart Chain in Metamask? You Have Hope.

If you are like me and usually just send coins around without thinking twice, then you might have run into a problem I just experienced.

I was sending USDT from Binance to my Metamask wallet. But during withdrawal process, I accidentally sent USDT to my Binance Smart Chain wallet (BSC). Did not think twice about it until the funds did not show up in my Metamask wallet for awhile.

Holy shhhhhh!!! What did I just do!!! USDT runs on the ERC20 protocol….uh oh….

After frantically searching around I found out that the wallet address for my BSC and Ethereum Metamask wallet are exactly the same, so that means there is hope! Just need to somehow find the token in Metamask.

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Add USDT to Binance Smart Chain in Metamask

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Add USDT to Binance Smart Chain in Metamask

  1. Find the transaction ID of your withdrawal (TxID)

    go to your withdrawal history, you should be able to find a TxID.

    for Binance, go to Wallet -> Fiat and Spot -> Deposit Withdrawal History (filter to show withdrawal history) -> find the withdrawal transaction -> find TxID

  2. Find the token and contract ID

    click on the TxID, it should take you to a transaction page. From there, find the “Interacted With (To): section, you should see that your USDT withdrawal was actually sent to “BUSD-T Stablecoin”, you want to copy that Contract ID.

  3. Add BUSD-T to your BSC Metamask Wallet

    Go to your BSC Metamask wallet, in the Assets tab, scroll to the very bottom, you will find “Add Token”. Click on that.

    Go to Custom Token and paste that Contract ID from step above, you should see the Token Symbol filled in automatically as “USDT”. Then click Next.

  4. Go back to your Metamask Wallet and you should see the amount that was “Lost”


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