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Abra introduces world’s first crypto index token BIT 10


Abra, a finacial services and technology company, best known for its mobile Bitcoin walltet, launches the world’s first crypto index token that enables you an access to 10 cryptocurrencies with one simple investment, rebalanced monthly with a $5 minimum and no fees.

Until now, crypto index investing was only available to accredited investors with large investment minimums. The Bitwise Crypto Index (BIT10) Token allows anyone in the world to invest in 80% of the crypto market with $5 minimums, no fees, and no restrictions on buying windows or transaction frequency.

Managed professionally by Bitwise and rebalanced monthly to keep pace with the constantly evolving cryptocurrency market, BIT10 eliminates uncertainty about what to buy and sell.

According to the company, ane of the biggest reasons for creating the BIT10 is that, like the stock market index funds that came before, it widens access to cryptocurrency investing by simplifying the experience of gaining exposure to a large part of the crypto market, and minimizing barriers to entry.

About Mantas Malukas

Mantas is the founder of Dapp Life, crypto investor and an online entrepreneur who has professionally immersed in digital publishing and development for over a decade.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet