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A decade of Bitcoin transactions exceeded by Tron in less than a year

A Decade of Bitcoin Transactions Exceeded by Tron in Less Than a Year

Ever since its launch, now over a decade ago, Bitcoin was one of the busiest coins in the crypto industry. It is among the coins with the highest number of use cases, and it is certainly the largest coin, with the highest price. However, even with all of that in mind, Bitcoin’s 10 years of constant transactions were just surpassed by a project whose MainNet is under one year of age.

TRON beats Bitcoin in less than a year

TRON (TRX) has exceeded the number of Bitcoin transactions in only 319 days from the moment its MainNet saw the launch, On May 10th, it was reported that the number of BTC transactions in 10+ years was at 412,608,460. Meanwhile, the less-than-a-year-old TRON ecosystem exceeded 410,807,309 transactions for only 319 days.

This was, of course, possible due to the fact that TRON is much faster than Bitcoin’s own blockchain, which continues to struggle with scalability. Bitcoin is currently waiting for the Lightning Network, which is to be its biggest and most useful upgrade, as it will allow transactions to take place on a different layer, without the need to record each of them at the time they are made.

Meanwhile, TRON’s CEO and founder, Justin Sun, mentioned that the project’s network had exceeded its 900th smart contract. The number of TRON smart contracts has been growing rapidly, and their number has only been growing faster as time moves on. It shows that the coin is useful, popular, and extremely busy.

Of course, most of TRX transactions come from TRON ecosystem dApps, which are also growing at a massive rate. While the crypto world still awaits that one dApp that would go viral and become the “killer dApp,” TRON’s decentralized applications have seen a massive amount of popularity. Most of them are gambling-related, but even so, their growing popularity is undeniable.

TRON advances rapidly, but trades in the red

Since the launch of its MainNet, TRON has been considered one of the potential ‘Ethereum Killers,’ or projects that could take Ethereum’s place as the most popular dApp-developing platform. While TRON still does not have enough dApps to exceed Ethereum in that regard, it has broken several of its records, such as the number of transactions per week and per day.

Right now, TRON is closing in on another dApp-developing project, EOS. EOS is currently second to Ethereum, although TRON threatens to take that position away. Considering the current situation, it is likely that it will happen in a matter of months, or maybe even weeks.

TRX itself currently sits at the 11th spot on the list of largest cryptocurrencies by market cap. Its’ market cap s currently at $1.63 billion, while its price is currently at $0.024511. However, despite the abundance of positive news, the coin is currently trading in the red, as is most of the crypto market. This is likely only a temporary correction, which comes as a follow-up on a massive growth that took place in the past several days.

Bitcoin itself exceeded $7,000 for the first time in over half a year, with its price currently sitting at $7,104.08. Its’ market cap exceeds $125 billion at the time of writing, which is, as usual, more than half of the total crypto market cap, currently at $214 billion.

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