7 Best Seasonal Jobs And How To Get Them

Companies are hiring for seasonal jobs all-year round. There are just some jobs where extra help is needed, such as retail stores during the holiday season, lawn and garden companies during the summer and fall months, and more. If you’re looking for a season job, you have plenty of options all year round.

Seasonal jobs have a lot of different pros. You can break out of the typical 9-5 work schedule, you often have the choice to work tons of hours to bank a ton of extra cash, and it gives you the chance to make new connections and jump into new opportuntiies.

Seasonal jobs aren’t always glamorous, but they always seem to be a diving board into other, better options just because of the people that you know and meet.

So if you’re ready to get hooked up with a seasonal job opportunity soon, let us help you. We’re going to show you the best opportunities out there, as well as how to get hired for them.

How to get hired

Getting hired at a seasonal job is one of the most difficult things out there. It’s not necessarily because of your skill level or who you are as a person, but because of the sheer number of people applying for the same position. Seasonal jobs open up, and thousands of people are applying for just a couple of open positions.

That said, simply applying for the job is hardly going to get you in. You still have to apply like everybody else, but there are a few things that you can do to stand out.

Thousands of people apply for seasonal jobs, but very few do more than that. Most people don’t include a cover letter, and plenty of others won’t follow-up with management about their application.

So, make sure you include a cover letter. A well-written one. You will want to make sure you introduce yourself, express interest in the job, tell the hiring manager a little about you, what would make you a good fit for the position, and at the end, a call to action, like wanting to schedule a meeting or phone call to discuss further.

Include that in your job application, and you will be a step above hundreds, if not thousands of people that skip the cover letter. A great way to really put yourself ahead is to follow-up on your applications a couple days to a week after submission.

You’ll want to call the business, ask for the hiring manager, and kindly ask if he or she has been able to look over the application you submitted yet, and that you would love to find a day that works for the hiring manager to schedule a time to talk about it.

By doing this, you put yourself at the top of the hiring consideration — that’s because you’re not just another number or resume. You have humanized yourself and made a connection — that’s far more than most will do during the hiring process.

Armed with that information, you should be able to easily get yourself into one of the following jobs:

Shipping Warehouse — Holiday

One of the best seasonal jobs that you can. get is at the Shipping Warehouse. UPS, FedEx and other shipping partners regularly hire extra help during the holiday season to help process the influx of packages. This helps these shipping facilities get packages onto trucks quicker so that they can delivered before Christmas hits.

There aren’t many requirements for helping out in shipping warehouses. All they really require is that you’re able to lift 50 – 100lbs, and be on your feet most of the day. You will also need to be alright with working flexible hours, because the sheer amount of work that these facilities need is insane during the season.

Finding these jobs is pretty easy. You can actually go straight to the company’s website — like with FedEx or UPS — and look at their Careers or Jobs section. You’ll usually search for “warehouse” or “helper” and see the listing come up.

One of the cool things about jobs like these is that FexEx, UPS, and similar companies are willing to train you or transition you into other roles after you prove your worth.

Delivery Driver — Holiday

Shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, and others also need more delivery drivers. Because of the influx of packages that need to be delivered, shipping companies aren’t able to fit all of them on their existing trucks, at least not in a timely manner. That’s why they hire more drivers to run more trucks.

Requirements highly depend on the company. You’ll usually need at least a Chauffeur’s license, a clean driving record, great people skills, and the ability to lift 50 – 100lbs all day long.

These are almost always seasonal jobs, because drivers are usually laid off or transitioned into other positions within the company when the demand finally lightens.

While FedEx and UPS usually lay off tons of drivers after the holiday season, they do keep a bunch on-staff after they prove their worth, and sometimes even transition them into other roles within the company. So, it can be a good long-term career plan as well!

Retail — Holiday

Retail jobs are another popular seasonal position to look at during the holidays. Retailers almost everywhere need more staff to accommodate for more demand, especially some of the larger brands like Wal-Mart, Meijer, and plenty others. Even your independent stores are going to need extra help.

You don’t need to meet many requirements for a retail job. Stores would ideally like it if you knew how to handle cash and payments before bringing you on, but for the most part, retail stores are more than willing to train you and bring you up to speed with their policies. The only thing that you can expect is to be on your feet all day, and regularly lifting stock.

Finding these jobs are fairly easy — you’ll just need to go to directly to their website and find the “Jobs” section. Many of these stores will also allow you to fill out a physical application in-store, but in that case, you’ll want to make sure you have a physical resume and cover letter to hand-in with it.

Mowing Operator — Late Spring, Early Summer

lawn & Garden companies offer some excellent opportunities for those looking for a good seasonal job. These companies usually start looking for extra help during early to mid-spring for work starting in late spring.

Lawn companies often have their workers running ten to twelve hour days, so you’ll need to be super flexible. Some require lawn experience, while others don’t. The work is usually pretty rigorous, partially because you’ll be in the hot sun most of the day.

These companies are usually easy to get a job with, since they’re often looking for something that will be reliable and show up, as many people do not.

Finding these jobs is often a little more difficult than just going to a website. Some lawn companies will have a Careers or Jobs page, whereas most of them will require you to pick up the phone and call to inquire. Just search for “lawn companies” in the area that you’re looking and start picking up the phone.

You can also keep an eye on local Facebook “swap” groups, as lawn companies often post there for hiring help.

Snow Plowing, Shoveling — Winter

Some lawn companies will also offer snow services during the winter. If you do a great job as a lawn employee, they’ll usually transition you into a year-round job. However, if you’re just starting out and looking for a snow plowing or shoveling job, it’s a little more difficult to get into, but still possible, and well paying.

Getting a job in a truck doing snow plowing often requires some good experience, but there are some plowing companies that will hire and train you right away because of a lack of help. Many larger plowing companies will start you out as a snow shoveler, and have you work your way up.

Snow shoveling is a fairly intense job, since you’ll be lifting tons of weight all day long, as well as being out in the bitter cold. But withstand it, and you might be able to turn the seasonal job into a regular gig.

Snow service companies are much like lawn companies, where you’ll have to pick up the phone and call them to find out if there are opening that you can apply for. These companies also usually post to Facebook “swap” groups to hire help as well, so keep an eye on those!

Obviously snow service jobs will highly depend on the climate that you live in, too.

Tax Services — Spring

Tax companies all over the United States start hiring right before the New Year because of the influx of work that happens during tax time. These aren’t always well-paying, but will give you steady work for four months at around $10/hr, with a lot of overtime available, too.

Tax filing companies don’t usually require experience either. These organizations usually hire on a bunch of people, and then send them off to a nearby group training sessions that lasts a couple of weeks.

Finding these jobs is a little more difficult, since they’re not only specialized, and there are only a couple of companies that do work like this in a city. Keep an eye out for hiring signs at your nearby tax locations. You can also search for these businesses on Google and check out any “Jobs” pages that these places might have.

The only downside with this type of “seasonal” job is that there’s not much more room for being hired on all-year round, unless you really impress. That’s largely because these places handle personal taxes, with most other types of clients using actual CPA and Accounting firms for their tax needs.

The IRS also often hires for tax preparers, but obviously the competition to get into a job like that is a whole lot more fierce.

Summer Camp — Summer

A great opportunity can be working at a summer camp as well. Summer camps all over the world hire for laborer, camp counselors, lifeguards, and cooks during the summer season. And there are all sorts of camp options out there — independent camps, religious-affiliated camps, sports camps, music camp, nature camps, and more.

It’s not always great pay, but it never requires any experience. When you’re brought on, they’ll train you for everything that you need to do, and they might possibly even send you away for training in the case of, say, lifeguard certification.

These jobs can be a little more difficult, since many camps usually require you to stay on-campus, unless you live near the camp and can be there bright and early every morning.

Depending on what you’re applying for, a laborer job can usually be pretty intensive as a cleaning, food prep, or grounds care type role. A cook or chef position can be a little more stressful, trying to come up with meals and make enough food for hundreds of kids, and usually requires a ServSafe certification. A Camp Counselor job usually requires you to be an expert in some area, and have excellent people skills.

Finding these jobs can be pretty difficult, since summer camps aren’t always super well known. You can search for these camps on Google, find their website, and apply for the summer season. Or, you can try and reach out to your connections to find out if they have any summer camp friends that might be hiring.

Network, network, network

As always, there can be fierce completion for seasonal positions. That’s why the best way to get these type of jobs is to consult your network of connections, and find out if they can recommend you to anyone that they know is hiring for seasonal or year-round positions.

And, when you get hired, make sure to increase your network of connections! Do your job to the best that you can, be a friendly face, and always be willing to help. Nothing will you further in your career than some great friends.


As you can see, there are tons of different seasonal jobs for you to choose from. Find one that you would like to do, or could at least put up with for a season, and then go and apply for it. You put yourself in a really good position for getting hired if you follow our tips above.

It’s a good idea to make sure that you’re doing your best and doing some great horizontal networking while you’re on the job. It opens up doors to new, better paying and skilled opportunities later. That way, you won’t have to work a seasonal job again, and will be on the road to some hopefully amazing career opportunities.