5 Best Bitcoin Wallets for Android in 2022

Android is the broadly utilized gadget for most users to store, send or get Bitcoin as that is the most usually utilized cell phone version before ios. Bitcoin Android wallets are the most prevalent medium to safely store crypto resources, and approaching the tokens as and at whatever point required. This is one of the most secure approaches to store Bitcoin as the gadget is consistent with you and the danger of getting hacked is much low when compared with the other medium like on the web or desktop wallets.

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Bitcoin Wallets for Android

  • Coinbase
  • Electrum Wallet
  • Mycelium
  • Jaxx
  • Copay.io


Coinbase developers have demonstrated a startup reputation and have fund-raised from exceptionally noticeable financial speculators. It has applications for the iOS and Android, and highlights worked in wallets for bitcoins, ether, and the US dollar.
This gives Coinbase a degree of authenticity unmatched in the Bitcoin space. They are additionally one of the main huge Bitcoin organizations to never experience a major hack.
The wallets are exceptionally secure, requiring a three-advance check process to get to the Coinbase application. It has the most noteworthy Security of all Wallets additionally the Biggest Exchanges where you can Sell any coins at Standard Price w/o trade to USD even though the charges are exceptionally High regardless of whether they are offering to them. Caution ought to be applied since it is an online wallet increasingly inclined to assault when compared with Hardware wallets.
Coinbase is probably the simplest process to buy, sell and hold cryptographic forms of money, which acquires it the main spot on this rundown. With Coinbase, you can interface with a U.S. financial bank and effectively move dollars in or out of your dollar wallet. You can utilize those dollars, or move in new ones, to buy and sell. Notwithstanding Bitcoin, Coinbase as of now supports Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. There are steady bits of gossip about extra monetary standards like Ripple getting support from Coinbase too.

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Electrum Wallet

Electrum is a lightweight Bitcoin wallet created by the Bitcoin people group in mid-2011. It is one of the most established and most credible wallets in the Bitcoin space. It is an open-source project discharged under an MIT permit.

It is likewise a functioning wallet to perform Segwit empowered exchanges for its clients. Additionally, you get seed and PIN for the authority of your assets.

Aside from that, it is both – a desktop and a mobile wallet – which enables its clients to tweak Bitcoin exchange expenses both in desktop and mobile forms of the wallet.

Electrum Wallet is one of the most prominent Bitcoin wallets for Android, aside from being a desktop wallet. When you download, a seed of 12 arbitrary words are produced, which you should observe. Your Private keys are not bolted onto Electrum and you have the self-governance to trade your Bitcoin in any wallet as you wish. During the arrangement procedure, you need to make a 6-digit PIN, that can be utilized to affirm deposit. Electrum Bitcoin Wallet accompanies its QR scanner to effortlessly capture wallet addresses and send deposits consistently.


Mycelium is a very acclaimed Android Bitcoin wallet, which has a high evaluation on google play. Indeed, even the interface is simple and spread out, which makes it advantageous for any Bitcoin exchanges with the assistance of a QR code and furthermore has a location book for making deposits. Mycelium has a monstrous stockpile of security highlights, which incorporates the security PIN and that the application supports keys from the paper wallet too. Mycelium remains a strong decision for both the designers and the clients.

MyCelium is a prominent mobile application wallet that highlights an abundance of cutting edge protection and security highlights. Truly, the wallet can be somewhat confused for beginner clients however it’s as yet one of the most secure and quickest on the market. As an open-source programming program, MyCelium is always being redesigned.

Mycelium additionally supports adding a PIN code to further verify your wallet if somebody gets physical access to your gadget. The application likewise supports a location book, so you can store a few contacts for issuing fast exchanges.

Sending and getting bitcoins is simple, and by and large, this is extraordinary compared to other Bitcoin wallets that you can use on your Android cell phone. On the off chance that you are utilizing a hardware wallet, for example, Ledger, KeepKey or Trezor, Mycelium will likewise support this.


Jaxx began in 2014 and has rapidly turned out to be one of the most well known mobile bitcoin wallets around. Jaxx is known particularly for its helpful UI and consistent client experience. Alongside it being accessible on Chrome extension, Jaxx is additionally a prevalent Bitcoin mobile wallet supporting Android and ios gadgets and even as a desktop wallet supporting Windows, Mac and Linux OS. Jaxx favors the private key to be on the gadget for additional security. Jaxx is outstanding amongst other Bitcoin android wallets and is named as Jaxx Liberty.

In any case, it doesn’t just store bitcoin, as it additionally supports Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and over 50 different digital currencies. From one viewpoint Jaxx is by all accounts a reasonable champ with regards to mobile wallets. It has a natural interface, can combine over numerous gadgets and it holds a wide assortment of digital forms of money.

If you are looking for an Android wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies, Jaxx is an ideal choice. Jaxx currently supports more than 65 currencies which include cryptocurrencies & ERC20 tokens. At the time of writing this exclusive wallet list, Jaxx supports the following currencies such as:

  • BTC- Bitcoin
  • ETH- Ethereum
  • DAO- The DAO
  • DASH- Dash
  • ETC – Ethereum Classic
  • REP- Augur
  • LTC- Litecoin
  • ZEC- ZCash


Made by one of the greatest Bitcoin deposit specialist organizations, Bitpay, Copay is an extraordinary, secure option to put away your Bitcoins. It has the benefit of having more than one Signature required for an exchange and it is an Open source even though it may not be user-friendly but rather it depends on Multi-signature which is difficult to use for everybody.

Copay is a protected bitcoin wallet platform for desktop and cell phones. Copay utilizes Bitcore Wallet Service (BWS) for peer synchronization and system interfacing.

This project was made by BitPay Inc, and it is kept up by BitPay and several supporters. There is a BitPay marked adaptation of Copay at cell phone stores, BitPay Wallet, which highlights integration with the BitPay Visa Debit Card, as its primary distinction.

Copay clients are prepared to acknowledge deposits once they include a wallet. This should be possible by utilizing the “make another wallet” feature, which likewise gives you the choice of opening a common wallet among you and your peers.

Copay is perfect for clients who would prefer not to keep their assets with a third party. It’s good with different gadgets and working platforms and offers a secured domain to verify all your bitcoin and fiat monetary forms.

To get assets into your Copay wallet, the sender must have your bitcoin address. Since this is an HD wallet, your bitcoin address changes naturally after each deposit.

To make deposits with Copay, just recognize your collector’s bitcoin address and press “Send.” This should be possible by recording the location or filtering their QR code. Copay additionally enables you to add payees to your location book for simple access.

After checking the location, clients can indicate the amount of cash and deposit type they wish to send. This incorporates making deposits in bitcoin or fiat money.

In Conclusion

When you keep your bitcoins on online exchanges or sites from where you have acquired them, (ex: Coinbase, Coinsecure, BTCC), you don’t have your bitcoin. On the off chance that these destinations get hacked, or they choose to close down the platforms, you will lose your bitcoins.

If it’s not too much trouble to recollect the accompanying guidelines when utilizing a portable wallet. Always set a passcode assurance for your wallet if conceivable and never store a lot of Bitcoin on your mobile wallet. Record 12-24 word seed you get when you set up your wallet and keep in a safe/secure spot. Every wallet allowed into GooglePlay is verified.

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